How did you get started writing?

The funny thing is art actually started my writing career. I wanted to be illustrator for years and started writing children’s stories with hopes that would start my career in the art world. The more I wrote, however, the more I wanted to write. I never did more than a few sketches before I decided to take shot at writing a full-length novel.

Who is your greatest writing inspiration?

Honestly, when it came down to actually starting a novel, I’d have to say Agatha Christie was my biggest push. I was reading a lot of her work at the time and had recently finished a biography that correlated her books to the events in her life. Somehow I kept thinking if she could do it, I could as well. She was an extraordinary person, but at the same time so ordinary it was inspiring.

What do you hope people take away from your books?

There two things that always factor into every book I write.
One: I really hope people enjoy my books and find in them a moment or two to escape from the stress of life. Hearing my work makes people laugh always makes my day.
Two: The love of God and how involved He can be in our lives if we let Him is one theme I carry from book to book. It’s a lesson I’ve learned, and continue to learn, in my life and I enjoy sharing it others.

How as God stretched you as a person through the experience of writing and author-hood?

I’ve learned a lot about the difference between my timing and God’s timing. It didn’t take me long to experience the pure frustration of working toward my own goals in my own time. We all have dreams and callings from God, so it seemed natural to pursue that with all my heart. Ultimately, I realized that I needed to give up and let God take the reins.
That really is easier said than done, though. At times I’ve honestly told God I really don’t know what that means. How do I give up on my plans while still hoping the dreams I have in my heart will come true? Slowly, God pulls me forward and teaches me how to let go, but there are times I’d just really like Him to tell me exactly what to do. But then, if we knew all the answers, faith wouldn’t be necessary. And faith is what pleases God. (Hebrews 11:6)

Do you have more stories and/or sequels coming?

I’m not planning on a sequel for Only Angels Are Bulletproof. I feel there is nothing left to add to it. However, I’ve always felt that The Father Christmas Confessions was meant to be a trilogy with more stories focusing on other members of the Ogden family. I also have a new suspense novel ready, but I’m watching the market and waiting for the right time.

Check out more info on my Bio page or the list of interviews/articles on the Media page. And don’t forget, you can always contact me at emilyannbenedict(at)gmail(dot)com or Facebook.

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