Sure signs you’ve been working too long.

As we head into Friday, I’d like to give you a list of dangerous signs to look for when working in any of the following circumstances.Working Robot

You might have worked in a professional office too long if…
-You can throw together a complete professional outfit, accessories and all, in under five minutes, but on off days with no dress code, you tend to run late.
-You’ve developed strong opinions about office supplies.
-You frequently find yourself wearing office supplies.

You might have worked too long in retail if…
-You go shopping for yourself and end up straightening racks and shelves without thinking about it.

You might have worked too long in customer services if…
-You’re inclined to answer the phone with the name of your company.
-You tend to think of all the possible ways people can steal or cheat things, but keep a smile up while you’re doing it.

You might have been writing too long if….
-Custom license plates with poor grammar upset you.
-You think it is legitimate to make up new words.
-People feel comfortable randomly sharing their story ideas with you, including how to commit murder.

You might have been a mom too long if…
-You refer to a wound as an “owie,” regardless of the age of the person bleeding.
-Your purse is the size of a small country and contains first aid supplies comparable to an urgent care.

You might have worked in administration too long if…
-All of your closets are as legitimately organized as your files.
-Few things satisfy you more than knowing all of your closets are that organized.
-You have a unique affection for bullet points.

You might have worked in a technology company too long if…
-You think having 70″ TVs and massage chairs in your break room is normal…

You might have been an electrical draftsman too long if…
-You think people know what an electrical draftsman is.

…Oh, who am I kidding anyway? Can someone just get us some more coffee, a box of rubber bands and a couple of bandages? There’s work to be done.

How do you know you’ve been working too long?

Say Yay With Me!

Why? At loooong last my book is available on and through iTunes. Please join me in jumping for joy. My publisher and I have been trying for months and months and then for a few months to accomplish this.

The Audio book process was probably the hardest part of the entire publishing experience for me. The voice actor was a very nice man, but I kept thinking, “He doesn’t sound like Scott.” Of course I had to come to terms with the fact that the voice I have in my head for my character probably doesn’t really exist. (Ooo, did I just admit to hearing voices in my head ;)
The voice actor was from the Midwest, though, so I did have to explained to him how a character who grew up in California would pronounce certain things…like Los Angeles. :)

Ah, well. For the lovers of audio books, check out your iTunes or . Scott would love to tell you all about the most startling thing he ever saw.

Look To The Right

Yes, scroll down just a bit and look to the right. Did you look? Good. Then you probably saw the poll I have there titled WHICH DO YOU PREFER? So, if you haven’t, VOTE. :)
Come now, I know I have visitors out there who haven’t voted yet. (Feel my reproachful gaze.)
And I’m certain you have an opinion. (Don’t deny it.)
This is actually a growing debate in the publishing word, especial in the wake of the popularity of the Kindle and iTunes.

For the record:
-Personally, I am not fond of audio books. One reason being I can read a book faster than I can listen to it. But I do know of people, particular those who have long commutes, who love them.
-I have not yet read an eBook, but I do intend to in the near future. A book I want to read has only been released in eBook. However, I can never see myself being won over by them entirely. Among other reasons, I love collecting books almost as much as reading them. I don’t think an eBook reader would make my house look as nice as a full bookcase would. ;)

So, what do you think?
(In reference to the person who voted WHAT’S A BOOK?…I know who that was and in a way he was being honest. :P)

Audio Book Has Been Released!

The audio book of Only Angels Are Bulletproof is officially available. That was an interesting project. I actually had to listen to the whole thing and see if I could catch any mistakes. Frighteningly, I’ve gotten to know this book so well I knew when the reader accidently said “the rug” when he was supposed to say “a rug.”
Well, for all you audio book lovers out there, enjoy! It is avaiable in both CDs and MP3 downloads.
Click here for more info:

UPDATE: We are officially back in stock and shipments are going out! Thank you for your patients. If you are in a store that does not have a copy on the shelves, just ask customer service to order one.